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4 New Colours of Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Release in China Officially

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Cool colours are undoubtedly a big reason to attract consumers. For example, Tesla might soon reveal new cars’ colours with its Berlin gigafactory and NIO considering colour-changing sunroof for future models caused a lot of discussion among consumers. In addition to the car models, the colours of the chargers are equally eye-catching. As early as December last year, Tesla launched four new Gen 3 Wall Connector colours for Tesla’s car owners. The panels correspond to the four original Tesla paint colours, allowing the owner’s garage to be more consistent. These products were finally officially released in China on February 14, Western Valentine’s Day, as a Valentine’s Day gift from Tesla to all fans.

The newly launched third-generation home-charging pile stained glass panel perfectly matches the colour of the body. The stained glass panel retains the original process design. It adopts the same strength tempered glass panel, compatible with the existing three generations of home filling piles. Stained glass panels are available in four colours: silver metallic, solid black, deep blue metallic and red. Totally the same as the car paints’ name. Buyers will get one colour glass panel after purchasing the “Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Panel Service Package”, an accessory kit (including two panel fixing screws) and door-to-door replacement service. It is worth noting that the price this time is $1,000 RMB, which is a lot more expensive than the US price of about $635 RMB.

The Tesla Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is the best way to charge cars at home. The Gen 3 Wall Connector is compatible with CCS2 charging devices. The device supports single-phase and three-phase power. The output current of the device can be adjusted from 12A to 32A. It supports Wi-Fi (2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n). The firmware can be upgraded online through OTA, and the integrated leakage protection function is built-in. The working temperature is -30 to 50℃, and the enclosure protection grade is IP55. It can support indoor and outdoor applications.

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