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Aion LX catches fire in Beijing, China

Some passer-by even heard an explosion.

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Many people consider that because the technology of new energy vehicles is not yet mature, especially batteries, there are hidden concerns about the safety of new energy vehicles. Previously, WM Motor brought a bad impression to the public because of more than five fire accidents in two consecutive months. After a big decline, perhaps in order to reduce the occurrence of battery accidents, the battery capacity was secretly reduced by WM Motor in the recall and maintenance of the car model. Somehow the car owners collectively sued the company for false advertising. For various reasons, people feel uneasy about new energy vehicles.

Earlier, another carmaker Aion’s Aion LX Plus was also involved in an accident in Beijing, China. While parked on the side of the road, the Aion LX Plus caught fire. Despite the fact that Aion has implemented a magazine battery system to prevent thermal runaway in the case of an accident, officials have stated that the system could aid in the prevention of fire and explosion. Passers-by claimed to have heard an explosion at the scene. The firefighters came quickly after the fire was reported and promptly put out the flames by putting a fire hose into the car’s chassis before it spread out of control.

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Credit: Aion

Aion, formerly known as GAC New Energy, is a Guangzhou Automobile Corporation electric car brand. It debuted as a sub-brand in 2018 and thereafter as a marque in 2020. The GAC Aion Plus lineup’s flagship model is the Aion LX Plus. The vehicle has a 205Wh/kg energy density, a 144.4kWh battery capacity, a single motor, and a maximum cruising range of 1008km. It has a cruising range of over 1000 kilometres, making it the world’s first electric car to do so under CLTC conditions. The silicon anode battery chip allows the vehicle’s battery capacity to be increased without additional batteries. The Aion LX Plus series costs range from 286,600 to 459,600, depending on the appearance and interior options.

As for the car in this accident, Aion has not replied yet. Please stay tuned for further information.

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