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Audi’s New EV Factory In China Is Starting Soon

Located in Jilin Province

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(Photo Credit: Audi)

In addition to Tesla’s upcoming establishment of a design centre in Beijing, Audi also announced that the brand will set up a new EV Factory in China, which has been officially approved earlier by the local government, and construction is about to begin.

The new factory of Audi is located in Jilin province, China. According to a notice by the planning regulator of China’s northeastern province of Jilin, the new factory covers an area of ​​2.46 million square meters. It is expected to cost 3.3 billion US dollars to build. The factory will focus on making electric vehicles, and work on the plant is planned to start in April. It is scheduled to be completed before the end of 2024, and the planned annual production capacity will reach 150,000 vehicles.

一張含有 汽車, 路面, 室外, 城市 的圖片

(Credit: Audi)

In addition to production areas such as stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly workshops, the new factory will also be equipped with its own battery assembly workshop. After completing the construction, the first three models will be produced. These three models are based on the PPE platform, including at least one pure electric SUV and one pure electric sedan. According to Earlier news, these three models are likely to be domestic Audi Q6L e-tron (eQ5), Q6L e-tron Sportback (eQ6) two pure electric SUVs, and E6L Limousine, a pure electric sedan.

Helmut Stettner, CEO of Audi New Energy Vehicle, will be in charge of the management of the new plant. “We are consequently pushing forward the relevant works in this project. As a result, the construction of the plant is planned to start in the second quarter of 2022.” Audi stated.

一張含有 汽車, 路面, 室外, 車輛 的圖片

(Credit: Audi)

It is worth noting that the upcoming factory is not Audi’s only EV plan for China. In fact, Audi says that by 2025, a third of its car sales in China will be electrified models. It is believed there will be more Audi’s in China in the future factories and even research centres. Click the link to know why many EV carmakers choose to build factories in China (How China Dominates the EV Supply Chain).

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