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Baidu map vs Amap map

by Sep Editor

Tesla announced in a post on its official Chinese Weibo account that it will use Baidu’s mapping services for its vehicles in China. The Chinese microblogging platform Wiebo is the equivalent of Twitter in the U.S. In Tesla’s post on Weibo, the company said that its map data service provider will be replaced by Baidu so Tesla owners can have a “better driving

experience on the road.” Presumably, all of the The Model 3 sedans built at Tesla’s new factory in Shanghai will use maps from Baidu for Tesla’s built-in navigation and route planning, as well as finding EV charging locations along the way.Baidu is one of the world’s biggest tech companies and the equivalent of Google in China and its presence in China is huge. Baidu Maps first launched in 2005 and has over 350 million monthly users. 


XPeng(XPEV) Auto has become the first company to be equipped with AMAP’s third-generation in-car navigation. The third-generation in-car navigation cooperates with XPeng(XPEV) Auto, which is a full-stack self-research company, and can

open up the two technical scenarios of the fragmented infotainment domain and the autonomous driving domain, integrating navigation and high-precision map capabilities, which can not only upgrade navigation from road-level to lane level, but also match the dynamic information sensed by the autonomous driving system and autonomous driving decision information with lane level navigation more accurately, so that drivers can intuitively and real-time The driver can understand the vehicle’s driving status intuitively and in real time. In addition, the new generation of in-vehicle navigation can dynamically calculate changes in the lane and road conditions ahead, and can deliver more efficient driving information than path-level navigation, such as whether there is congestion or construction ahead, and can inform drivers in advance to improve the driving experience.


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