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Beijing Winter Olympics – What NEVs are In Service?

Many hydrogen energy vehicles took part in.

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(Credit: VCG)

In addition to the recent discussions for Beijing due to Tesla and NIO’s plans to set up factories there and Beijing policies to promote Li Auto and Xiaomi in infrastructure and services, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing is even more eye-catching.

The 2022 Winter Olympic pays special attention to the idea of environmental protection. Whether food, clothing, housing or transportation, a more environmentally friendly way is the core concept. According to the Beijing Winter Olympics official, among the transportation service vehicles, energy-saving and clean energy vehicles account for 100% of the passenger cars and 85.84% of the total vehicles, which is the highest proportion of the previous Winter Olympics.

一張含有 路面, 室外, 汽車, 樹 的圖片

(Credit: Toyota)

Beijing Winter Olympics have cooperated with Toyota, BEIJING Auto, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (CNHTC), AUV and other automakers. The automakers have provided many vehicles that allow athletes to move quickly. For example, as the official sponsor of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Toyota has provided more than 2,200 service vehicles, accounting for more than 50% of the official cars. The models include the MIRAI II and the hydrogen energy welcab. The Toyota MIRAI II is priced at 7.10-8.05 million yen. It is built on the GA-L rear-wheel-drive platform and has a cruising range of 850 kilometres. As a transportation vehicle, the MIRAI II will undertake the transportation tasks of spectators and staff in mountain competition areas. 

一張含有 天空, 室外, 路面, 停車 的圖片

(Credit: CNHTC)

It is also worth mentioning the car model provided by CNHTC, which is used as a particular vehicle for skiers’ skateboard waxing. The cars has hydrogen fuel cell tractor, equipped with WEF160 hydrogen fuel cell, is the first 162kW fuel cell heavy truck in China, which has achieved environmental protection and zero emissions. The whole car includes eight sub-areas: work area, snowboard storage area, snow wax storage area, rest area, shower room, toilet, sports warm-up area, and temporary rest area. It is also equipped with a fully automatic wheelchair lifting platform for disabled athletes and stereo surround sound. 

一張含有 文字, 天空, 室外, 綠色 的圖片

(Credit: Beijing Public Transport)

In addition, there are 2,263 vehicles provided by Beijing Public Transport, which offer shuttle services for athletes, staff and media reporters. Among them, 438 vehicles are used in the Beijing competition area, 212 vehicles are used in the Yanqing competition area. These vehicles have been modified to install partitions between the cab and the carriage to prevent passengers from contacting the driver.

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