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BYD appoints Baidu as smart driving supplier

Originally thought should be Huawei.

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(Credit: BYD/ Baidu)

Though there was cooperation between BYD and Huawei for the battery storage system in Japan, which had let investors think they will keep working together further on the section of new energy vehicles. However, the smart driving program with Huawei seems to be replaced by Baidu.

Baidu and Huawei, two technology giants, have attracted attention in the field of intelligent driving systems in recent years. For Baidu’s automatic driving technology, a major feature of the system is that it can control the driving in the cloud when the self-driving cannot function due to bad weather. Based on this function, the self-driving travel service platform “Apollo Go” was officially launched in Shenzhen in January this year. On the other side, in 2020, Huawei announced the launch of the “HUAWEI HiCar” vehicle-mounted system, which is based on the HarmonyOS of the Internet of Everything and developed with advanced 5G technology. In addition, BYD’s previous model “Han” was equipped with Huawei’s HiCar vehicle system. At that time, public opinion believed that Huawei and BYD would join forces to bring changes to the market. Therefore, many people believe that BYD may continue to cooperate with Huawei on intelligent systems.

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(Photo: Huawei)

However, according to a report from China Star Market, a local Chinese media, it was originally thought that BYD and Huawei would jointly develop the section of their smart driving. Still, Baidu has taken over and has been cooperating for a while. As a result, their products will go mass-production in the near future. . In addition, China’s automobile information platform “Gasgoo Auto” has also been verified. Baidu said that it has been confirmed before the Lunar New Year, and the cooperation will be mentioned in subsequent financial reports.

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(Credit: Pandadaily)

It’s worth noting that Baidu, one of China’s most prominent companies in the autonomous driving area, is presently using their ANP system primarily in Robotaxis. If ANP is eventually employed by BYD, it indicates that Baidu is moving closer to commercializing their intelligent driving technology beyond Robotaxis.

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