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BYD buses and coaches receive financial incentives in California

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Pictured Above: The BYD C9 unveiled at the 2015 United Motor Coach Association Expo (PRNewsFoto/BYD Motors Inc.)

BYD announced last Thursday that the buyers of BYD American-made battery-electric transit buses and motorcoaches can receive incentives through the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 2022 Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP).

California’s HVIP, which aims to speed market transformation by reducing the purchase price of zero-emission vehicles.

The voucher program includes BYD’s complete line of buses, with the 30-foot K7M and K7M-ER eligible for an $85,000 incentive and the 35-foot K8M, 40-foot K9M and K9MD and 60-foot K11M eligible for $120,000.

Among BYD’s buses, the 23-foot C6M is eligible for an award of $85,000. Larger buses, including the 35-foot C8M,35-foot double-decker C8MS; 40-foot C9M; 45-foot C10M; and 45-foot double-decker C10MS motorcoaches, are eligible for a $120,000 voucher.

(Photo Credit: BYD)

“We’re very pleased to again participate in the HVIP program….. This program benefits all of California and is especially helpful to those living in communities that have been historically lacking environmental justice.””said by Patrick Duan, the BYD Senior Vice President of Operations.

The launch of the incentive is believed to provide incentives to both the demand and supply sides, which will have a positive impact on the transformation of the industry in California and on BYD’s production costs. 

BYD, the leader in zero carbon emissions vehicles

California as a major technology hub in the United States. The local government has been strongly promoting different environmental issues, and this incentive is a good proof.

And BYD matches the whole background of California, hoping to bring a greener future through technology.

This incentive program may also be targeted at BYD, which has already launched pure-electric school buses in North America. The U.S. is a leading technology nation, but for the moment only BYD is the sole leader, which also shows BYD’s uniqueness in the public transportation industry. This uniqueness makes Warren Buffett have been holding its shares for a long time.

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