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BYD delivers 29 new pure-electric double-decker buses to Abellio UK

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BYD is once again expanding its footprint in Europe.

On February 15, 2012, BYD delivered 29 electric double-decker buses to Abellio, a local bus company, injecting green energy into the UK’s transportation.

The pure electric buses were developed and produced by BYD in cooperation with a well-known British bus manufacturer – Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL).

Currently operating Line 63 for the Department of Transport, London.

BYD noted that this is their first time cooperating with Abellio and expects to have more plans with Abellio in the future, including the U5 route.

“The electric buses are powered by BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery technology providing a longer driving range and optimized battery life. They also benefit from BYD’s innovative chassis, incorporating a ‘6 in one controller’ integrating the entire ecosystem of the bus for improved reliability.”that said by ADL.

BYD’s battery technology monopolizes the entire new energy transportation market.

ADL is a very reputable bus manufacturer, and this partnership takes the quality of transportation services to another level.

BYD has been manufacturing most of its electric buses in-house, but ADL is better at understanding the passengers.

ADL’s years of experience in bus manufacturing combined with BYD’s battery service, makes both companies look forward to more collaboration in the future.

Although ADL is well known, BYD ‘s experience in electric buses is also very rich.

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This means that ADL’s experience is alternative, as BYD is a very international company.

BYD’s technology can also be replaced at the technical level, but BYD has been dominating the electric bus production industry for some time now.

This will enable BYD to dominate the entire electric bus manufacturing industry for the next decade, and the partnership with ADL will bring BYD’s inherent deficiencies in bus manufacturing to a new level, making their future all-electric buses even more comprehensive and attractive.

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