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BYD introduces new brand theme: Technology, Green, Future

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BYD D1 is the world’s first custom-built, all-electric car specifically for ride-hailing with smart technology, safety, and comfort features for both drivers and passengers.

Recently, BYD introduced a new brand theme: Technology, Green, Future. Officially, the new brand concept of “Technology, Green, Tomorrow” reflects BYD’s perseverance, accumulation and continuous evolution on the road of new energy development to enhance the understanding and perception of a better life for users, to achieve dreams of green with technological innovation, and to explore tirelessly for a better future of human sustainable development.

BYD said that “technology” is the way and motivation for human beings to pursue a better life, and it also represents BYD’s brand mission of “satisfying people’s aspiration for a better life with technological innovation”, and its strategic initiative to promote global sustainable development by firmly popularizing new energy technology through a strong market layout.

“Green” is mankind’s aspiration for a high quality life, and also represents BYD’s “green dream”. BYD continues to promote the research and application of green and low-carbon technologies, takes the national “carbon neutral” development goal as its responsibility, actively responds to global climate change, and strives to promote the transformation of social energy consumption structure.

“Future” is the green and bright future of human society, representing the bright future of BYD and the dreams and hopes of human beings for a better future.

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BYD’s new branding concept hopes to bring a green life to everyone in the future through the adoption of technology.

BYD has previously been working towards the country’s “carbon neutral” goal through the above model. As of December 2021, BYD has sold more than 1.5 million NEVS and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 8.92 million tons, equivalent to planting 750 million trees, effectively contributing to the creation of a zero-emission new energy ecosystem and the construction of a sustainable electrified future!

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