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BYD Officially Delivered 70,000 All-Electric Buses Worldwide

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(Credit: Sustainable-bus.com)

First entered Sweden in 2015, China automaker BYD has a fanbase in Sweden. With the latest BYD All-Electric Bus that is about to enter service, BYD has also officially delivered 70,000 All-Electric Bus worldwide.

From entering the automotive industry in 2003 to officially entering the passenger car industry in 2009, BYD has always adhered to the brand mission.

In 2011, BYD launched two hundred K9s to serve the Shenzhen Universiade, becoming the world’s first brand of new energy buses to achieve commercialization and scale. Starting from this, BYD continues to innovate and promote, attracting developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan.

After the company won the first public tender for electric buses in Europe in 2012, it has successively opened overseas markets such as Italy, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Germany, which has aroused enthusiastic responses local and abroad. Today, from zero to the official delivery of seventy thousand buses, it has undoubtedly explored a series of replicable successful experiences to promote public transport store-wide animations around the world.

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(Credit: BYD)

BYD owns a variety of Electric Buses, including K7M, K7MER, K8M, K9M and K9MD. These buses serve in companies, universities and transit agencies across the world. Most of BYD’s electric buses use an all-aluminium alloy body. They are equipped with a lithium phosphate battery independently developed by BYD as an energy storage device, travelling about 250 kilometres on a single charge in urban road conditions.

Up to now, BYD has a total operating mileage of over 5.5 billion kilometers, covering six continents, more than 50 countries and regions, and more than 300 cities, effectively reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 4 million tons, equivalent to planting 350 million trees. BYD promotes the sustainable development of ecology and society with low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel methods and the future dream of green technology.

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