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BYD Receives Largest Order for Pure Electric Trucks Outside of Asia

200 Trucks in Total

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According to various media reports, BYD (USA) received an order yesterday for a total of 200 8TT pure-electric freight trucks from Swedish freight technology company Einride. The order is the largest BYD has ever received outside of Asian market and the truck will be delivered within 12 months.

The 8TT truck is equipped with a capacity of 563kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack with a combined maximum range of 320km and supports 185kW fast charging.

“This historic order will allow customers to learn about our safe and reliable zero-emission battery electric trucks. BYD electric trucks combine high technology and durability to provide customers with the performance they desire.” Patrick Duan, senior vice president of BYD North America, said.

(Photo Credit: californiahvip.org)

BYD’s pure electric truck 8TT market expands to Europe

BYD’s purely electric buses are spread around the world, but purely electric trucks are not. According to figures provided by BYD, BYD has sold more than 200 trucks in the U.S. and more than 10,000 worldwide, the vast majority of which are in China.

The most important thing for the transportation industry is the cost of transportation. In the case of trucks, which are less popular than buses, it is difficult to expand the market for pure electric trucks.

But a while ago, BYD received an order from Budweiser which shows BYD’s 8TT pure electric truck is still acceptable to the industry. This order symbolizes the start of the Swedish market, which will lead to more orders from Europe in the Scandinavian countries where there is a large number of EV related package.
With BYD’s makeover on the brand, including “BYD introduces new brand theme: Technology, Green, Future” & “BYD reveals brand’s new logos”, BYD will achieve its goal of “bringing a green future through technology” in different types of vehicles. Now BYD is leading the pure-electric bus industry, the development of BYD to the European and American markets will be the key to the leading in pure-electric truck industry.

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