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BYD reveals brand’s new logos

With slimmer design

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(Credit: BYD)

Twenty-seven years of development and continuous expansion of the scale of the enterprise, after BYD semiconductor IPO approved for listing by Shenzhen Stock Exchange, BYD Group officially announced earlier that it will renew and upgrade its brand, released two new logos of the BYD group and BYD Auto.

BYD continues to innovate on the road of sustainable development, forming an entire industrial chain of the four major industries including electronics, automobiles, railways, and new energy. BYD keep promoting leading technology from China to more than 400 overseas countries and regions, continue to provide leading green and sustainable solutions for the world.

The new logo of BYD adopts a more flat design, in line with today’s design trends. The three letters “BYD” remain in the new BYD Group logo. However, the design is more rounded and similar to the BYD Auto emblem. The circle in the logo represents BYD’s global vision and sustainable development philosophy. Informing that BYD will continue to uphold the brand proposition of “achieving dreams” in the future. The new logo of BYD Group will be used in its electronics, new energy and rail transit. The BYD Auto’s car department will use its own brand identity. It was updated by altering the lines and font details, and transforming the original harsh edges of the letters into more mathematical aesthetic rounded corners while keeping the passionate red colour and the circle. It appears to be nearly identical to the previous form, with the exception of being somewhat slimmer.

一張含有 建築物, 室外, 汽車, 路面 的圖片

(Credit: autohome)

BYD sales are getting better and better worldwide, like the previous BYD officially delivered 70,000 all-electric buses worldwide. According to BYD’s official in January, its entire series sold 95,180 units, a year-on-year increase of 126.1%. New energy vehicles sold 92,926 units, a year-on-year increase of 367.7%. The total sales volume of the DM series was 46,540 units, and the total sales volume of the EV series was 46,386 units.

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