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BYD Signs Strategic Partnership With Uzbekistan’s State-owned Automotive company UzAuto

BYD expands to the Middle East through “The Belt and Road Initiative”

by SEP Editor
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A few days ago, BYD and UzAuto signed a strategic partnership and held an online signing ceremony, both parties will cooperate to promote NEVs and facilitate the development of the local NEV industry to globalization.

General Manager of International Cooperation Department of BYD Europe, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UzAuto, Director of the Investment and Foreign Trade Representative Office of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in China and Counselor of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in China were present at the signing ceremony.

The level of attendance from both sides shows the importance Uzbekistan is placing on this partnership.

About UzAuto

UzAuto is the state-owned automobile group in Uzbekistan and the largest and only automobile manufacturer in Central Asia with a complete automobile industry layout, a large domestic and inter-regional sales network and a complete after-sales service system.

“The Belt and Road Initiative”brings opportunities for BYD

China is trying to find opportunities by bringing Chinese companies into the country through “The Belt and Road Initiative” at the national level.

The Middle East has always been a relatively conservative country, not only at the cultural level, but also at the investment level, so with the help of the state, BYD was able to tap into this blue ocean.

The fact that Uzbekistan has sent a number of government officials demonstrates the importance that the local government attaches to this issue, which is not only a cooperation between the two companies, but even a bridge to promote the development of the two countries, thus BYD is playing a very important role.

BYD’s blade technology and electric buses have gained a certain reputation internationally, so it would be a more credible company at the national level to start a partnership, and for the time being, BYD is the only company in the EV industry with the unique advantage to do so. look forward to more cooperation between BYD and the Middle East in the future, and this will only be the beginning.

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