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BYD’s blade battery to be supplied to Toyota’s new EV

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Sales for the Blade battery and DM-i technology power also going strong
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Recently, the Tianjin News revealed that Toyota is now planning to complete three new vehicles. The three models included the FAW Toyota bZ4X pure electric SUV, the FAW Toyota GRANVIA and a new electric sedan with BYD Blade batteries.

The most striking news is the FAW Toyota pure electric sedan that uses BYD’s blade battery.

According to the relevant information, the car will be a pure electric global strategy product, will use the blade battery pack provided by BYD, and will be priced below 200,000 RMB.

Why it matters

BYD’s blade battery is safer than Tesla’s battery, and now it has been recognized by FAW Toyota.It is believed that more EV manufacturers will use it in the future.

Only a few days ago it was officially confirmed that BYD had received a large number of orders from Tesla for blade batteries. Tesla insisted on producing every part of the car itself in order to minimize the cost, but in the end, they all succumbed to BYD’s blade battery technology.

According to Tesla’s Global Vice President and Head of Greater China, Xiaotong Zhu, Tesla’s next new vehicle will be designed, developed and built in the Shanghai Superfactory and will be progressively sold globally. Tesla will cooperate with BYD, BYD insiders said, “BYD has got 10 gigawatt hours of battery orders from Tesla”

But you may forget that BYD has always been a battery company, but because of its automotive presence around the world, it has always been considered a car manufacturer.

Its battery safety and stability perform exceptionally well, so it is used in a large number of public transportation vehicles.

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