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BYD Begins To Deliver Its Largest Overseas Electric Buses

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BYD has delivered over 1,000 electric buses according to its official WeChat account on 22 February. BYD delivers 172 of 1002 pure electric buses to Bogota City Council and City Transit Authority.

BYD officials said the new fleet consists of 83 buses with a capacity of 80 passengers and 89 buses with a capacity of 50 passengers. The buses are equipped with a new generation of BYD lithium iron phosphate batteries, which improve battery energy density while enhancing safety and meeting the range requirements of the Bogota Regional Transit System (SITP) for pure electric buses.

Up to now, according to the data previously announced by BYD, BYD has received more than 1,550 pure electric bus orders in Colombia, accounting for 96.5% of the local electric bus market share, and up to 98% in the capital city of Bogota.

As of January 26, BYD has delivered more than 70,000 pure electric buses to its global partners, with a total operating mileage of more than 5.5 billion kilometers, covering more than 300 cities in more than 50 countries and regions on six continents.

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BYD keeps expanding in pure-electric bus market

BYD has a global footprint in pure electric buses, starting with “BYD unveils pure-electric school bus in the US”, “The first “Made in China” BYD’s pure electric bus is in operation in Mauritius”, “BYD delivers 29 new pure-electric double-decker buses to Abellio UK” and “BYD ADL Partnership To Build 130 Electric Double Deckers For Zenobe

At a time when the concept of environmental protection is very important to society and countries are actively setting targets to reduce emissions, BYD will ride on this wave.

Conventional buses have a high carbon footprint because they carry a large number of passengers, so they require more power to drive. On the other hand, because of the high frequency and fixed frequency of buses, the carbon emission will increase with the number of bus shifts. This makes pure electric buses a good alternative to conventional buses, and even more attractive to countries that use a lot of nuclear power. Because nuclear power has virtually no carbon emissions.

Later deliveries will come one after another, slowly establishing the “all-electric bus brand” in Latin America in the future. The success in Latin America is expected to be slowly extended to the huge market of North America.

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