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BYD’s pure-electric trucks for US Super Bowl

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(Credit: BYD)

The Super BYD in the “Super Bowl”

The Super Bowl is a major annual sporting event around the world. This time BYD will be partnering with the game’s beer supplier, AB InBev (parent company of Budweiser), providing their electric trucks for transporting Budweisei’s brand new “Zero Carbohydrate” beers.

At the moment, 25 BYD pure electric tractor trucks 8TT have been already placed into service at Budweiser’s four distribution centers in California.

Budweiser has raised its order to BYD for another 20 pure electric tractor 8TTs to expand its new energy transportation vehicles team.

Strong consensus between the parties to create a sustainable environment.

“BYD(North America) is proud to partner with Budweiser for zero-emission transportation….We are committed to building zero-emission heavy-duty trucks to build a sustainable future for communities across the United States.” that said by Patrick Duan, the Senior Vice President of Operations, BYD(North America)

The Chief of Sustainability and Procurement Officer, Budweiser – John Rogers said “At Budweiser, we have always insisted on the most environmentally friendly way to ship our products, working with our technology-leading logistics partners to lead the industry. During this event, sports fans gather together. We are inspiring everyone to work for a sustainable future for our consumers, partners and communities by promoting zero-emissions transportation.”

BYD’s new weapon – Pure electric trucks

Blade batteries and electric buses have been BYD’s weapons for global domination, and now there’s a new one.

The reason why the term “pure electric truck” has not been very popular in the press is that it takes more electricity to carry a heavier load and this affects the battery life of the truck.

The batteries can be recharged, but with fewer charging stations for purely electric trucks, it is still difficult to handle the long-distance freight market.

This reflects that the development of pure electric trucks will probably focus on short-range transportation in the short and medium term. As long as the maximum battery capacity does not grow exponentially, pure electric trucks will not be able to occupy the market of medium and long-range trucks.

However, the cooperation with Budweiser shows that there is still room for cooperation, but to improve the sales of pure electric trucks, BYD needs to solve the problems mentioned above.

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