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CATL’s EVOGO Brings Battery Swap Solution

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In January 18, 2022, CATL’s affiliate CAES held an online event that released its battery swap solution and announced a new brand—EVOGO that provides related services. 

In the ten-minute event, Chen Weifeng, the general manager of CAES, introduced CAES’s new solution for problems facing the fast growing EV industry and elaborated on the features of EVOGO. 

As more consumers began to accept EVs, the world saw an explosive growth of EVs sales in 2021. On the one hand, the economies of scale and technology advances helped brought down the prohibitively high prices of EVs, such as Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3. On the other hand, these two factors cannot offset the soaring prices of mineral resources and the shortages of chips, resulting in price hikes of many EVs. Though the rising prices cannot deter enthusiasts from buying EVs, range anxiety, recharging inconvenience, and purchasing and driving costs are the Achilles’ heel of the EV industry. 

CAES offers a modular battery swap solution which includes battery block, the fast battery swap station, and a supporting APP. CAES sees battery as a shared product instead of a product stuck with a car. It provides mass-produced batteries called Choco-SEBs that gets its name from its shape of chocolate.

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(Photo Credit: U Power)

The Choco-SEB has three features.

  • First, high-energy density with small size. With the support of the latest CTP technology, it can achieve a weight energy density of over 160Wh/kg and a volume energy density of over 325Wh/L, enabling a single block to provide a driving range of 200 km. Users can install one to three blocks on cars to meet different range requirements.
  • Second, highly compatible. It is compatible with most vehicle models developed on BEV platforms.
  • Third, minimalistic design. Equipped with wireless BMS technology, the trailblazing Choco-SEB does not have any parts on its exterior except the high-voltage positive and negative terminals, which greatly increases the reliability of plugs.

The fast battery swap station features small floor space, rapid circulation, high capacity and all weather service. A standard station has three parking spaces and can house up to 48 Choco-SEBs, allowing one-minute swapping for a single fully charged battery block. Customers no longer need to wait in a long line as they do when they recharge their batteries in public. 


(Photo Credit: U Power)

The supporting APP is also key to the EVOGO’s service. This APP allows the connection among customers, vehicles, stations, and batteries. EVOGO aims to provide all-scenario power refilling solution, complemented by household charging and fast charging. If electric car owners want to have a long trip, he or she might need to rent 2 or 3 battery blocks. This need-based battery rental is the latest innovative solution the battery giant offers for society. And EVOGO services will be available in ten cities of China at the initial stage. 

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