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China EV maker NIO begins recruitment for NeoPark

Much to look forward to

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The NeoPark will be in production in the third quarter of 2022 but NIO has already started hiring blue-collar workers for “NeoPark”. According to the NIO official website, there are at least 50 different positions in manufacturing hiring.

What is NeoPark?

NeoPark is a government funded industrial park located in Hefei, China. A lot of EV related companies will move there to increase efficiency.

The whole EV industry chain will be included, such as development of software for autonomous driving, innovative technologies for complete vehicles, batteries and construction vehicles and logistics.

According to Chinese media reports on the start of construction, more than 50,000 jobs are planned, including more than 10,000 in research and development. The initial investment is 50 billion yuan (about 6.4 billion euros).

What it means for NIO

  • Lower transportation costs 

The NeoPark is located in Hefei, Anhui province. Hefei is in the center of the economic area of China which means NIO could have lower logistic costs on delivering EVs.

  • R&D

There are more than 10,000 jobs in research and development, NeoPark has lots of EV related industry experts there which may break the bottleneck of innovation in some areas. In order to enhance the competitiveness in facing challenges NIO may face in Europe, NeoPark will be a strong back-support for NIO in the future.

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