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Construction of electric vehicle charging stations has progressed greatly

by Sep Editor

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, the scale of charging station construction is also getting bigger and bigger.

The number of charging stations of XPeng Auto in China has expanded to 1,000 with nearly 200,000 free charging stations covering more than 160 cities. Peng Auto plans to build more new energy vehicle charging stations nationwide and has started project exchanges with Baiyun Electric.


In mainland China, Tesla has built and opened over 1,000 super charging stations and over 8,000 super charging piles, along with over 700 destination charging stations and over 1,750 destination charging piles, covering over 360 cities.China.

Hunan, a landlocked province in southern China, has accelerated the construction of electric vehicle charging stations. In Hunan, 201 charging station operators have been registered and 30,000 charging stations have been built by the end of October. By 2025, the total number of public charging stations and home charging stations in the province is expected to reach 400,000.

By signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, US President Biden will be able to fulfill his promise to create a nationwide charging network and deploy more than 500,000 charging stations.


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