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Feifan Auto Plan To Launched At Least One Model Every Year

Achieving a production capacity of one million vehicles a year.

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Carmaker Feifan Auto, which belongs to SAIC Group, same as the Wuling who previously launched the convertible version MINIEV, announced the brand’s product plan for the next three years at the official meeting earlier. It can be seen from the exposed slides, that the Feifan Auto plans to launch at least one new model each year till 2025, covering segments including sedans, SUVs and MPVs.

一張含有 文字, 電子用品 的圖片

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According to official information, Feifan Auto has a registered capital of 7 billion RMB, of which Feifan is invested by SAIC Group with 6.65 billion RMB, and employees hold 350 million RMB. The intention is to stimulate the enthusiasm of the Feifan Auto team. In the press conference, Feifan Auto stated they will invest 20 billion RMB in the next five years, and mainly focus on the price of 200,000 to 500,000 RMB mid-to-high-end new energy vehicle market. In addition, Feifan Auto will collaborate with SAIC Z-ONE, SAIC Motor’s software division, to establish a smart driving and smart cockpit R&D centre. Feifan Auto will undertake the crucial task of SAIC Motor’s breakthrough in the high-end electric smart driving systems.

一張含有 路面, 汽車, 室外 的圖片


(Credit: Feifan Auto)

At present, Feifan has opened reservations for its large SUV Feifan R7 on February 22. As their first new energy vehicle, the Feifan R7 provided pluggable, replaceable and upgradeable hardware, the software that can be bought or sold. The battery is rechargeable, replaceable and upgradeable. After NIO, Feifan Auto became the second carmaker to provide a battery swap-enabled model for ordinary consumers with the Feifan R7. The R7 also has a roof-mounted LiDAR system, comparable to the NIO ET7 and the competent rival of Tesla Model 3 ET5, as well as Nvidia’s Orin smart driving processor. Lastly, the Feifan R7 also provides a “six-fold fusion” perception system, including lidar, 4D imaging radar, visual camera, 5G-V2X, high-precision map and ultrasonic radar. 

It is worth noting that, according to the leaked slides, a new model besides Feifan R7 will be released this year. For those who are interested, please stay tuned for further information.

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