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Former NVIDIA engineer Steve Xie joins NIO as head of simulations

by SEP Editor
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Steve Xie, former head of autonomous driving simulation at NVIDIA, recently said in a public forum that he has joined NIO as the head of the autonomous driving simulation department and senior director of Shanghai NIO Co.

Steve Xie graduated from Peking University and later received his PhD from Columbia University.

From his work experience, Steve Xie has been working in the autonomous driving industry for many years before joining NIO, with experience working for major companies such as Cruise and NVIDIA.

In 2018, Steve Xie joined Cruise, a US-based L4 autonomous driving company, where he was responsible for simulation product development.

Cruise, where Steve Xie used to work, is one of the stronger self-driving design start-ups. Cruise has raised $5.3 billion in funding as of 2020, valuing the company at $19 billion.

In 2016, Cruise was acquired by General Motors and transitioned from R&D governance to manufacturing of advanced self-driving car lines. Product-wise Cruise has more mature products, namely the Bolt EV was launched in 2016, by the Chevrolet Bolt EV sedan equipped with Cruise self-driving solutions, and road tests were conducted.

(Photo Credit: NVIDIA)

Around 2019, Steve Xie joined NVIDIA to work on autonomous driving simulation. Currently, NVIDIA has launched its self-driving simulation test software for the whole industry.

In August 2021, Steve Xie chose to return to China to join NIO as Senior Director, Head of the Automated Start Simulation Division at NIO Shanghai Ltd.

On 12 August 2021, the fatal NIO Level L2 assisted driving crash thrust autonomous driving into the limelight. Restaurant entrepreneur Lin Wenqin passed away in a traffic accident on the Hanjiang section of the Shenhai Expressway. The NIO ES8 car he was driving was in NOP (Navigational Assisted Driving System) enabled at the time of the accident.

” NOP is still an assisted driving function and can be withdrawn at any time if the conditions are not met,” wrote Zhang Jianyong, Head of NIO Automated Assisted Driving, in his article “Guide to the use of Navigational Assist (NOP)” in 2020. ” When using it, you must always pay attention to the traffic conditions and road environment”.

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