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Geely-owned Lotus hiring for dozens of positions, hints first EV will have LiDAR

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(Photo credit: baidu.com)

Geely-owned Lotus Technology is hiring for dozens of positions. This implies that Geely is fully prepared for the transition to electrification.

The job ad posted by Lotus on January 24 shows it is seeking talents in electronics and software, power, hardware, and electronic control systems, vehicle performance integration, and user experience and functionality domains.

Most of the positions focus on electronics and software domains, mainly including intelligent cockpit engineers, OTA engineers, vehicle network information security experts.

About Lotus

Lotus is one of the world-renowned producers of sports cars and competition cars. Its representative car types include Elise、Exige、Evora、Evija and Emira. 

Lotus was established in 1938. In 2017, 51% of its stocks were purchased by Geely. 

Lotus has announced that its latest sports car, Emira, which was opened for pre-sale in China in August 2021, would be the brand’s last fuel car.

The company announced then that it plans to launch four pure electric smart cars within five years, including a mid-size smart pure electric SUV codenamed Type 132, a pure electric smart four-door coupe Type 133, a new pure electric smart model Type 134, and a pure electric compact sports car Type 135.

Lotus is currently announcing a new SUV car type in its poster: ‘Type 132 is coming to life.’

The poster also shows a car with what looks like a LiDAR device on the roof, and says “it’s time to jump out for a new journey ahead.”

(Photo credit: baidu.com)

From the text and images, it appears that Type 132 may be equipped with a LiDAR on the roof that can be hidden.

Analysts suggested that the LIDAR technology can be used in the car’s autonomous pilot function and safety navigation functions. 

LIDAR’s function includes:

  • It can help the car to detect and avoid obstacles. 
  • It has a very high distance and angle resolution ratio and a wide speed-detection range.
  • It can acquire numerous images of the target without being interrupted. 
  • It increases the car’s sensibility and upgrades the car’s intelligent functions. 

The LIDAR technology enables Type 132 to upgrade its navigation guided pilot(NGP) system. This allows: 

  • Driver’s pressure when driving on highways to be lowered 
  • Cars can automatically enter and leave ring roads
  • Extension of NGP’s range of application into nights and rainy days
  • Able to automatically adjust according to speed limits. 

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