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Geometry’s new all-electric SUV photos leaked

With an eye-catching tiger pattern car paint.

by SEP Editor
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(Credit: Sohu)

Not only was NIO’s ES7 SUV caught in spy shots, after established new joint venture company to provide battery swap services, Geely’s sub-brand Geometry new electric SUV’s photo was leaked on the internet.

Geometry was founded in Singapore on April 11, 2019 and revealed its first high-performance pure electric sedan, the Geometry A. Geometry, a high-end pure electric brand under Geely Automobile Group, and a first-level sub-brand parallel to Geely and Lynk & Co. Geometry plan to launch more than ten new pure electric models, covering sedans, SUVs and MPVs by 2025.

一張含有 水, 黃色, 運輸 的圖片

(Credit: Sohu)

Earlier, a series of spy photos of Geometry’s new pure electric SUV were circulated on the internet. According to the previous exposure information of relevant departments, the new car’s length, width, and height are 4006/1765/1550 mm, and the wheelbase is 2485 mm. The new car will be equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 60 kilowatts in terms of power. In addition, the new car will be equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery with a maximum speed of 102 km/h. 

一張含有 水, 室外, 天空, 海洋 的圖片

(Credit: Sohu)

The new car is wrapped with a yellow and brown tiger skin pattern for the exterior. Although it is not sure whether this is a camouflage sticker made by engineers, it is undoubtedly much more eye-catching than the common black and white mosaic. The pattern of this spy photo and the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, the new car may be named “XX Tiger” in the future. The front face of the new car adopts a relatively simple design. It adopts the current mainstream split headlight group, which brings a strong sense of stereoscopic sense. 

For those who want to know more about the latest news of Geometry’s new pure electric SUV, please stay tuned to HelloSEP’s follow-up reports.

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