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Great Wall Motor’s ORA Lightning Cat Debut Next Month

Panamera look-alike.

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Credit: ORA

ORA is an EV brand under Great Wall Motor. It was officially established in 2018 and officially launched the electric car ORA R1 in the same year and has launched several models so far. After Great Wall Motor entered four new South East Asian markets, its brand new ORA Lightning Cat was also exposed on the Internet earlier.

一張含有 汽車, 路面, 室外, 停車 的圖片

(Credit: Autohome)

Like the Wuling MINIEV Convertible Version, the appearance of the small electric vehicle is a “sports car” look-alike. The Lightning Cat has been on display at Chinese auto exhibitions in various phases of development for over a year. The new ORA Lightning Cat coming out this time is covered in ant light pink, size is 4871/1862/1500 mm, with a 2870 wheelbase. The exterior resembles a tiny Porsche Panamera. A four-door fastback sedan with flared rear fenders and door creases. The pop-up rear spoiler and pop-out door handles are also noticeable design aspects. The interior is very different from the Porsche Panamera. The infotainment system includes a wide round steering wheel, a digital instrument panel, and a free-standing touch screen. With a control pad and three dials, the middle tunnel looks athletic. 

一張含有 汽車, 室外, 停車, 車輛 的圖片

(Credit: autohome)

The Lightning Cat has Level 3 autonomous driving, which means it can steer, brake, accelerate, and park itself. An AI-based cabin support system is also included, which monitors the temperature and pulse rate of the car’s occupants and adjusts the cabin comfort accordingly. Lastly, for the output, the ORA Lightning Cat is propelled by a single 203 horsepower electric motor with a dual-motor model with increased power. The top speed is 170 kilometres per hour.

The ORA Lightning Cat will have its public debut at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show next month and will launch on the Chinese car market soon after that. The price will start at 200,000 RMB.

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