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High voltage supercharging—XPeng 1024 Tech Day

High voltage supercharging technologies to significantly boost charging power and efficiency

by Sep Editor

The evolving smart mobility ecosystem depends on highly efficient and full-coverage power infrastructure. To deliver this goal, XPeng will introduce China’s first 800V high-voltage mass-production SiC platform, with new-generation “X-Power” superchargers able to charge for a range of up to 200 km in just 5 minutes. To maximize the utility of the 800V SiC platform, XPeng will also roll out lightweight 480 kW high-voltage supercharging piles with IP67 protection, and safety monitoring, delivering a superior safe and convenient charging experience for customers. Supporting this supercharging network, XPeng will also launch power storage facilities in both piles and mobile vehicles.

XPeng currently has comprehensive supercharging network in China among all Chinese auto brands, with 1,648 free charging stations servicing 98.6% of its car owners, and 439 branded supercharging stations across China.

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