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HiPhi First In China To Employ Large Die-Casting Technology

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Mar. 1, China – Chinese EV company Human Horizons, which owns the premium HiPhi brand rolled off a China’s first integrated super-large die-casting rear body structure based on a 7,200-ton giant die-casting machine. 

According to the press release, the integrated oversized die-cast rear body structure that came off the production line is a  mass production application of TechCastTM super-large casting low-carbon aluminium alloy materials launched by HiPhi and the National Engineering Centre for Light Alloys at Shanghai Jiaotong University at the end of last year.

The advantages of the application

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TechCastTM low-carbon aluminium alloy material for oversized castings is a heat-treatment-free alloy material, which is a major breakthrough in low-carbon alloy technology at the manufacturing end of the automotive industry and will bring pioneering car-end applications to the industry. The fluidity of this material is more than 15% higher than the same level of material, and the strong plastic product is more than 30% higher, which ensures that the performance of the whole vehicle such as collision reaches a higher dimension.

In automobile manufacturing, aluminium alloy parts can replace steel structure generally can achieve 20%~30% weight reduction, thus releasing lightweight, reducing energy consumption and improving vehicle range; One-piece die-casting technology has the characteristics of efficient integration and flexible design compared with traditional bodywork process; One-piece die-casting moulding, without the complex process of stamping and then welding, realises the reduction of the number of parts and the simplification of the connection process. Moreover, the recycling rate of one-piece casting material is close to 100%, which is more low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

The significant of the cooperation

The mass production of one-piece oversized die-casting body rear cabin structural parts will become the “innovation code” to improve production efficiency and achieve high light weight, and promote the integrated design of integrated parts of the whole vehicle in the industry chain, independent research and development of transformative materials, and the iterative upgrading of giant die-casting equipment, and other industrial changes in all aspects.

This cooperation will further strengthen the forward-looking technology leadership of both parties in smart car-related fields, and will be applied in large quantities in subsequent models of HiPhi, which will continue to create TECHLUXE® technology luxury experience for customers with leading technology.

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