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HiPhi X Officially Release Two New Long-Range Version

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(Credit: HiPhi)

In recent years, China’s electric vehicles have developed rapidly. From the affordable Wuling MINIEV 2022 Version, Niutron, a mid-level brand that has recently launched its first EV, to HiPhi, which is known as a luxury version of electric vehicles. Earlier, the all-new HiPhi X was officially launched, with prices ranging from $90,226 USD to $126,634 USD, far surpassing the most popular Tesla Model 3 in China, the second cheapest place to buy a Model 3.

(Credit: HiPhi)

HiPhi X was officially launched as early as the end of last year. This time, two long-range models have been added, both of which are six-seater models, and the price is lower than the three previously withdrawn models. Although the whole is similar, the models have been slightly adjusted, and the new car has also been upgraded in terms of shape and interior. In terms of appearance, HiPhi X will provide a total of 4 types of rims for customers to choose from, including 7-spoke bright silver rims, 7-spoke gun grey rims, Fengying rims, 3 types of 22-inch rims, and 1 type of 20-inch windbreaker. The interior will provide three types of ceiling interiors: black fabric headliner, black suede headliner, and light gray suede headliner. In terms of configuration, all five models of the series come standard with a 17-speaker Meridian audio system, a 19.9-inch entertainment large screen for the passenger, Givaudan customized smart fragrance system, light-emitting panels in the cockpit, HEPA biochemical filter device, and driver vital signs monitoring system. 6 technological configurations including.

一張含有 控制台 的圖片


(Credit: HiPhi)

In terms of power, the new 6-seat long-range version is two long-endurance models equipped with a single motor, and the CLTC cruising range has been increased to 650km. The other three models are equipped with front and rear dual motors, with a combined power of 440kW, a 97kWh battery pack, and a CLTC cruising range of 550km.

At the same time, HiPhi is also accelerating the expansion of terminal channels and service network layout. Up to now, HiPhi has completed the construction of 37 HiPhi experience stores and 32 delivery and service centres. In addition, in terms of charging network layout, the number of charging piles in cooperation with HiPhi has exceeded 270,000, covering 500+ cities and major expressway networks across the China.

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