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Hongguang Mini becomes the best-selling EV car model

by Sep Editor

In September, manufacturers whose wholesale sales exceeded 10,000 units included BYD with 70,432 units, Tesla China with 56,006 units, SAIC-GM-Wuling with 38,850 units, SAIC Passenger Cars with 21,552 units, BAE with 13,572 units, Great Wall Motor with 12,770 units, Azera with 10,628 units and Xiaopeng with 10,412 units.

The three main manufacturers of domestic retail sales accounted for 49% of the total in September, with BYD’s domestic retail sales of 69,818 units, Tesla’s domestic retail sales of 52,153 units and SAIC-GM-Wuling’s 37,151 units, a clear lead.

Here’s the association’s list of the 15 best-selling new energy vehicles in China for the first three quarters of 2021:
1. Hongguang Mini (SAIC-GM-Wuling)
2. Model 3 (Tesla)
3. Model Y (Tesla)
4. Han (BYD)
5. Qin Plus DM-i (BYD)
6. Li One (Li Auto)
7. BenBen EV (Changan)
8. Aion S (GAC Motor spin-off)
9. eQ (Chery)
10. Ora Black Cat (Great Wall Motor)
11. P7 (Xpeng)
12. Song DM (BYD)
13. Nezha V (Hozon Auto)
14. Clever (SAIC Roewe)
15. Qin Plus EV (BYD)

Chinese battery and electric car company BYD dominated the new energy vehicle best-sellers’ list in September, accounting for five of the top 15 cars sold, the passenger car association data showed.

Xpeng’s P7 sedan ranked 10th, while none of Nio’s models made the top 15 list. In fact, Nio hasn’t been on that monthly list since May, when the Nio ES6 ranked 15th.

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