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Huawei Auto, AITO M5, Launched First Batch Of User Deliveries

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Mar. 5, China – AITO brand held the “M5 delivery launch ceremony” in Shanghai. As the first mass-produced vehicle of AITO brand, AITO M5 combines the advantages of high performance, long range and Huawei HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, which was released on December 23rd last year and delivered within 3 months.

Details of M5

On February 25, the M5 was officially launched, priced from RMB249,800. The new car has three models, including the rear-wheel-drive standard version priced from RMB249,800 after subsidy, the 4WD performance version priced from RMB279,800 after subsidy, and the 4WD flagship version priced from RMB319,800.

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The M5, positioned as a 5-seat medium-sized SUV, is equipped with L2+ level assisted driving functions and is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder dedicated range extender 3.0. Some models can achieve a 100km acceleration time of 4.4s and a pure electric range of 150km under WLTC conditions.

The front part of the car has a trapezoidal grille and a multi-bar design above the hood. The rear part is designed with eagle wings through tail lights. The dimensions of the new car are 4770/1930/1625 mm in length, width and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2880 mm.

The new car is the first model equipped with Hongmeng OS intelligent cockpit, with a one-piece hugging cockpit, and panoramic canopy, which can realise convenient voice interactive communication, seat massage function, and wider vision during the user’s driving process.

In terms of user rights and benefits, AITO M5 offers the basic rights and benefits of extra-long warranty, free roadside assistance, free Telematics traffic, free first warranty and free valet compensation. It also offers 899 RMB Smart Travel Package, RMB1680 Smart Travel Plus Package and Smart Premium Package (car insurance cost + RMB3188).

At the same time, the AITO App, the official platform of AITO Cars, was launched at the  “ The M5 User Delivery Kick-off Ceremony”, and currently has 130+ intelligent remote vehicle control functions, supports 600+ stores for online test drive and car purchase, and the charging network has covered 290+ cities with 160,000+ charging piles. AITO also said it will open about 20 flagship stores, more than 1,000 experience centres and 300 user centres by 2022.

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