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Huawei Launches AITO M5, First SUV to Feature HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit

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Three versions of the AITO M5 have been pre-sold at prices ranging from 25,000 yuan to 32,000 yuan. Consumers who reserve the first batch of the AITO M5 can enjoy the basic maintenance policy, basic vehicle service rights, and free IoV traffic.

Product features:

  • The appearance takes a sedate route, in line with Huawei’s usual business school.
  • It is equipped with Huawei’s proud “Intelligent Cockpit”.
  • The M5 uses the HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive range extender platform, which consists of two motors and a range extender.

The AITO M5 features the HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit, abundant vehicle applications, and HUAWEI SOUND, offering users an intelligent experience on the way. 

HarmonyOS is the most “clean” system that breaking through the three major pain points of “few applications, slow response and poor experience” of traditional car systems.

The big news:

AITO M5’s launch fills in the automotive gap for Huawei to build an AI ecosystem for a better connected, intelligent world.

Our take:

Although Huawei’s technical strength and engineering capabilities are among the top in the world, it is undeniable that Huawei is still too inexperienced compared to Bosch in the automotive field, so Huawei’s leading the development of the M5 can make up for this shortcoming.

Why Huawei has always stressed that it will not build a car

  • The car business affects Huawei’s communications business in Europe, the loss is not worth the gain.
  • The car business is not as profitable as doing “Bosch”.

What are the benefits of Huawei developing a car for others:

  • The ability to take ownership and improve its own engineering development capabilities through data feedback.
  • the need for Huawei’s smart car products to have a complete vehicle to verify their reliability.
  • Announcing to the market that it has the ability to supply technology and  the entire ecology is very healthy.

The big picture:

Based on more than 30 years of precipitated ICT technology, Huawei entered the industry of vehicle parts, which is a huge opportunity for Huawei. In Huawei’s view, the communications track is a track of more than $100 billion, the terminal phone field is a track of several hundred billion dollars, and the auto parts track is a market size of trillions of dollars. Huawei Intelligent Vehicle Solutions BU COO Wang Jun believes that.

Our long take:

Huawei’s intention is definitely to be a good enabler, the core is still will not build a car, but with the development of the market, if Huawei’s supplier model can not open the situation, we think “build a car” may be an option.

(Photo Credit: Huawei)

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