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Huawei’s Director Richard Yu said to overtake Tesla in the first year

Point out the problems in Chinese car manufacturers.

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Not only working hard on the energy storage, Huawei also put a lot effort on EV markets. Earlier, an internal speech by Huawei’s Director, Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu was exposed. In the video, in addition to revealing new information on folding screen products, and Huawei is developing some ground-breaking products, he also said something controversial.

Richard Yu first mentioned his views on Chinese domestic car factories in the speech. He believes that the monthly sales volume of traditional Chinese car parks is too little, and it is impossible to support their own operation. “The brand has no identity, the sales have no channel, the retail has no retailer.” He stated that Huawei must enter the market to help car companies to design a better driving experience and marketing strategy.

一張含有 汽車, 運輸, 綠色, 藍色 的圖片

(Credit: Aito)

Then he talked about the Aito car series. Richard Yu expressed how much effort the company put into this project. He mentioned that although other companies’ sales of other electric cars continue to grow in 2021, the number is still too small. “I am very optimistic about our two cars this year. Last year, the three automakers Li Auto, XPeng and NIO added up to no more than 100,000 cars. This is their third year of selling cars. I hope we will come first. In 2018, these two cars can sell with all their strength, and strive to sell at least 300,000 units.” Richard Yu said. Then, he compared Tesla, an EV brand that sells best in China: “Tesla has a maximum of 30,000 units a month in China. I hope that we will overtake it in the first year, far surpass them in the second year, and our annual sales of a single model will quickly exceed two million vehicles.” In addition, he also talked about higher-end overseas car parks: “We will provide a higher-end version, and let them take away the 300,000 to 500,000 RMB market from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi.”

In the face of this remark, the internet holds quite different views. Some people think that Richard Yu is too conceited, and some think that the Chinese car industry needs better rectification. Let’s just wait for the Aito M5, and the yet-to-be-exposed Aito M7 rumoured to debut shortly. Then, the transcript will be able to clear up everyone’s confusion.

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