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JiDU Signs Strategic Partnership With ZF Group

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(Credit: JiDU, ZF Group)

Recently, Baidu-Geely Backed’s NEV brand JiDU officially set up its corporate headquarters in Beijing and carried out various new projects. Earlier, JiDU officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ZF Group. The two parties will cooperate in producing chassis and control systems, electric drive systems and passive safety systems. At the same time, jointly develop smart chassis technology.

ZF Group is from Germany and was established in 1915. ZF Group is famous for its design, research and development, and manufacturing in the automotive industry. ZF Group’s technology in EV focuses on the extreme demand for high intelligence and safety of future intelligent driving vehicles, supports L3 and above smart driving, has redundant functional safety design mechanisms, and meets the new design concept of future intelligent cockpits definition.

一張含有 室內, 座位 的圖片

(Credit: JiDU)

In the JiDU Robocar concept car news, it is said that the Robocar that JiDU hopes to build will have three major characteristics 1. It has L4 level autonomous driving ability, 2. Human-car interaction and voice Accurate semantic recognition allows cars and people to “naturally communicate”, understand user emotions, and respond to user needs in real-time. 3. the robocar can learn and iterate itself according to user habits and continuously optimize the self-driving and intelligent cabin experience to achieve “self-growth”. This time, the cooperation with ZF Group will focus on building the next-generation intelligent chassis for mass production. JiDU is responsible for developing exploratory new functions related to intelligent driving and product experience. ZF Group is responsible for developing high-quality chassis components and manufacturing a Safe and reliable digital execution interface.

(Credit: autohome)

Dr. Holger Klein of ZF Group said: “The concept of Jidu’s automotive robot is very advanced and imaginative, and the smart chassis technology is a breakthrough for automotive robots to realize some advanced autonomous driving functions and cutting-edge designs related to intelligent cockpits. JiDU’s CEO Xia Yiping Said: “I am very pleased that JiDU and ZF Group have reached a strategic cooperation and leveraged their respective advantages to jointly develop an intelligent chassis system, which will significantly help JiDU to build a leading automotive robot, greatly reduce the development cycle, and improve the It can better meet the personalized functional requirements of JiDU car robots, and iterate towards a higher form of car robots.”

According to JiDU’s official, JiDU will show its first concept car at the Beijing Auto Show next month. The first mass-produced car will be delivered in 2023.

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