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Jidu Soon To Release Robotic Car This April

The mass production model will be revealed in Guangzhou Auto Show on December 

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(Photo credit: baijiahao.com)

Feb. 28, China – Baidu unveiled to be publishing its first production robot car concept model that will be revealed in its Beijing car show this April. The mass-production model will be revealed in the Guangzhou car show and come into the market in 2023. 

Who’s Jidu?

Jidu is a robot car joint venture started by Baidu and invested by Geely Group. The company was established in 2021 March, with Yiping Xia as its CEO. 

Jidu aims to build a revolutionary car robot that has intelligence and emotions, giving people back their time and space, while achieving more possibilities. 

It builds models based on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform as well as Baidu’s technology in autonomous driving.

On the Baidu Create 2021 meeting held in 2021 Dec. 27, Baidu’s starter and CEO Yanhong Li suggested that Jidu’s robot car achieved:

  • L4 level automotive ability can move around freely. 
  • Accurate recognition of user-car interaction and voice meaning. Enabling cars to ‘communicate freely’, understanding customers’ emotions, and responding to their needs in time. 
  • Car robot is able to use customers’ habits to adapt and self-study, achieving ‘self-growth’.
(Photo Credit: sina.com.cn)

Baidu’s concept and model 

A separate report mentioned Baidu’s ANP(Apollo Navigation) 2.0 will be used in the production vehicles this June.

ANP 2.0 targets low- to mid-range vehicles priced at RMB 100,000 ($15,850) – 200,000, and will cover scenarios including parking lots and highways, according to Baidu. 

Baidu further suggested that it will be using ANP 3.0 in production vehicles in July 2023, targeting models with a pricing of RMB 200,000 or more, aiming for Tesla FSD-like capabilities. 

ANP 3.0 application scenarios cover highways, parking lots and city streets, and the first model to use it is Jidu’s, according to the report.

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