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Leapmotor intends to list in Hong Kong next year to raise up to $1 billion

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The C11 is the third production model of the Leapmotor C11. The Leapmotor C11 is the third production model launched by Leapmotor, Leapmotor C11 positioning as a pure electric medium-sized SUV. in terms of range, Leapmotor C11 single motor rear drive version NEDC range of 510km and 610km, dual motor four-wheel drive version range of 550km.

“Only with technology self-research can there be technological innovation; only with disruptive technological innovation can we achieve the leapfrog from follower to leader.” Recently, Zhu Jiangming, founder, chairman and CEO of Leapmotor Technology, said spiritedly at the new vehicle launch of Leapmotor C11.

The Leapmotor C11 is the third production vehicle of Leapmotor car after S01 and T03, and it is also the first mainstream model to enter the price band of 200,000 yuan since the establishment of Leapmotor car 6 years ago, and it is a strategic model for Leapmotor car to leap from 1.0 to 2.0 development stage. Therefore, Leapmotor attaches great importance to this car and held a special “C11 Night” for it.

The company has a complete vehicle production qualification in its vehicle factory in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, which makes it a complete industry chain of intelligent vehicle research, production, sales and service among the new power companies. The technology self-research is the gene of the enterprise. At present, Leapmotor declared more than a thousand patents, of which invention patents account for nearly 50%, three electric invention patents accounted for more than 40%. The Leapmotor technology team accounts for more than 60% of the staff, has built L4 level algorithm team.

The Leapmotor C11 is the embodiment of the Leapmotor self-research technology, is the Leapmotor really enough to embark on the road of mainstream car-making key car. The data released by Leapmotor shows that as of the end of September, Leapmotor C11 already has 6000 orders.

The data shows that in August this year, the Leapmotor T03 delivery volume was 4409, the total delivery volume of Leapmotor that month was 4488. in September, the Leapmotor delivery volume was 4095. from January to September, the accumulated orders of Leapmotor was 44,416. The Leapmotor T03’s hot sales, Leapmotor is now in the top six of the car-making new forces sales list.


In the sales rise at the same time, Leapmotor car also in this year to get the outside financing boost. In August this year, Leapmotor announced that it had received 4.5 billion yuan in financing, and the total amount of financing this year reached 8.8 billion yuan, making it the most financed new car manufacturer this year, which boosts its cash reserves and channel cooperation capabilities, and has laid the foundation for subsequent development.

Currently, the five companies – NIO, LI Auto, XPeng, WM-Motor and Hozonauto – are ranked ahead of Leapmotor in terms of delivery volume. In terms of product structure, Li Auto ONE, NIO ES8 and ES6, XPeng P7/P5, and WM-Moter W6, are all priced at 200,000 yuan and above, while Hozonauto and Leapmotor are harvesting sales with small, micro electric vehicles.

Therefore, to truly enter the first camp of new forces, Leapmotorner must also refresh its own brand height and image. In this regard, Leapmotorner co-founder, director and president Wu Baojun announced the brand upgrade strategy. Leapmotorner will build a product-based user enterprise, adhere to the user-centered approach, create and share with users, and continuously provide high value-added products and high-quality services.

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