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Leapmotor T03 Reviewed: bang for the buck in the market

This small $10K EV is big in China now

by SEP Editor
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On January 12, Chinese automobile reviewers Autohome released their test drive reports on the 2022 Leapmotor T03. Although the facelifted model is receiving a price hike, but the overall driving experience had been praised by the reviewers, especially its ride quality and maneuverability.[1]

Photo Credit: Leapmotor T03[2]

After the success of Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, which half-a-million units were sold in China alone[3], carmakers start to focus on the development of subcompact EV.

Launched in mid-2021, T03 was the first attempt into subcompact territory by Sequoia Capital China backed carmaker, Leapmotor.

As a result, 38463 units of T03 were sold last year, occupying almost 89% of Leapmotor total sales in 2021[4].

The bestseller Wuling had already shown the potential of subcompact EVs, so how did T03 still perform well under the Wuling’s pressure despite its almost twice as expensive as Wuling? 

25.8萬元就能買!中國純電車《零跑T03》具備Level 2自動駕駛 還有403km續航表現

Fig.2 Refined interior of T03, digital instrumentals onboard[5]

First of all, T03 possess a cruising range up to 403km in NEDC condition, and with the help of fast charging connector available, it eliminates range anxiety effectively for urban users. In contrast, Wuling only has a cruising range of 170km, and charger it will be painful as no fast charge was available onboard. Wuling is being restricted to urban areas by its cruising range, while T03 can travel to suburban with ease without worrying charging issue, as fast charge is able to juice up enough power for the car.

Fig.3, Fast Charging port on T03[1]

Not only the performance is attractive to consumers, T03 includes features that is unlikely to exist in its class.

Electronic Stability System (ESC), electric parking brake (EPB) and over-the-air(OTA) update are listed as standard, and higher trim even gets a L2 driver assistant system(ADAS) treatment, including lane keeping and other function.

Considering its selling price of 10823~ 13337 USD[6] after subsidized by China’s government, T03 is definitely bang for the buck in the market. 


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