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Li Auto buys an industrial site in Chongqing for 430 million RMB

Changan Auto, Sokon and Geely Auto also have plants in Chongqing

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According to Chongqing Public Resources Trading Website, An automotive industrial company wholly owned by Li Auto has acquired an industrial site at Longxing, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing.

The sale price was RMB430.69 million, the land area of the site is 1,133,400 square meters and the industrial category of the land is transportation equipment manufacturing.

Chongqing is transforming towards the NEV industry, where plants for the production of NEVs by companies such as Changan Auto, Sokon and Geely Auto.

With a variety of NEV companies, Chongqing is set to become the heart of China’s electric vehicle industry.

Li Auto will thus enjoy various advantages

  1. Lower transport costs

Last month, the Longxing Tunnel in Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area was officially opened to traffic, making it possible to travel from Liangjiang Longxing New City to Jiangbei International Airport in as little as 15 minutes, half the time it took before the opening of the tunnel, reflecting the importance the local government attaches to the local industry.

  1. Concentration of talent

There is an industrial park in Long Xing, New District, and the NEV industry involves many different industries, such as batteries, automobiles, software, etc. The existence of the industrial park has already attracted a large number of talented people, who are bound to contribute their talents to the NEV industry.

Liangjiang New District, Chongqing Related News:

Geely Auto established new joint venture company to provide battery swap services

The question of “how much can be produced” will undoubtedly affect a company’s growth, especially at a time when the electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly around the world and companies will be looking to take a sizable share of the market, and productivity is the key.

But time waits for no man, and with the electric vehicle market still growing, consumers are not waiting for electric vehicle companies.

It’s difficult to respond quickly and in a timely manner to the market, and NIO has made an example of a failure that has led to concerns about its lack of production capacity. The best solution is always to prepare for the rainy days.

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