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Li Auto signs partnership with aluminum extrusion manufacturer – Apalt

by SEP Editor
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According to Apalt, a aluminum extrusion manufacturer company in China, just signed a partnership with Li Auto to become its supplier. 

Li Auto has confirmed Jiangsu Aph Metal Printing Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Apalt, as the aluminum extrusion supplier for two of its new models.

What is Apalt?

Apalt is a manufacturer of high performance aluminum extrusions, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of medium and high-end aluminum alloy extrusions and components with comprehensive performance such as high strength, high fatigue resistance and high corrosion resistance for customers in industrial fields, especially in the field of delivery vehicles, worldwide.

They focus on aluminum alloys, new structures, automotive air conditioners, aluminum alloy tubes, reverse extrusion and other technologies, with patents of high market value including “crystallizer for aluminum and aluminum alloy hot top casting”.

As of the end of 2021, Apalt has 413 patents, including 55 inventions, 329 practical models and 29 exterior designs. 

Reinforcement of the Li Auto model

Li Auto’s single-model business model was questioned by Barclays analysts earlier in the year. The success of Apple is a special case, at least Apple’s products are carefully thought out in every part, and this acquisition shows that Li Auto is different from the typical electric car company that Li Auto really wants to sustain this business model.

Apalt is not a typical Chinese traditional company, it has a specialization in manufacturing aluminum for aviation and high speed rail, and its technology can provide more durable models for Li cars and enhance its competitiveness in the market.

Therefore, Apalt can upgrade Li Auto in terms of hardware, and thus dispel the general market stereotype of “strong in software and weak in hardware” for EVs.

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