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Li Auto Tops February Sales

8,414 delivery, up 265.8% year-on-year

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Source: Li Auto reports

Mar.1, China –  Li Auto Inc., a new car manufacturer in China’s new energy vehicle market, announced that the Company delivered 8,414 Li ONEs in February 2022, up 265.8% year over year. 

The cumulative deliveries of Li ONE reached 144,770 since the vehicle’s market debut.

Li Auto regains its top place in the number of monthly sales after 5 months. 

As of February 28, 2022, the Company had 220 retail stores in 105 cities, as well as 279 servicing centres and Li Auto-authorised body and paint shops operating in 204 cities.

Reasons for its sale decline 

The combination of this system with the full-stack, self-developed NOA as part of Li ONE’s standard configuration creates a safer and more convenient driving experience and offers superior suitability for long-distance family travel.

At the same time, the holiday season and an outbreak of the pandemic in Suzhou have resulted in supply shortages and affected our production.

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Auto Li’s responding strategy 

“The shortage of supply for some of the counterparts negatively influenced our production ability, we are now actively adopting more actions to ensure the supply continues and the shortage of customers’ waiting period,” according to Li Auto’s CEO and co-founder Yanan Shen. 

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In order to respond to the shortage of IC chips, Li Auto is now providing its supply chain companions with lead security service, therefore, this can ensure the IC product is provided with stability.’ On the 2022 telephone meeting, Yanan Shen has also suggested that Li Auto will be getting more cooperators and announce the production plan earlier to increase the production flexibility. 

The company suggested in its report:’Thanks to Li ONE’s range extension system, our users enjoyed the range-anxiety-free and pleasant family time during the Chinese New Year. ’

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