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Li Yinan: Niu electric motorcycle adds “two wheels”

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On December 15, NIUTRON Energy Technology will officially launch its new brand. It is reported that NIUTRON will release two directions of incremental and pure electric models at the launch.

“NIUTRON energy car has nothing to do with Niu Technologies(NASDAQ: NIU), and the founder is Li Yinan.”

Li Yinan is the founder of Niu Technologies, and the creation of NIUTRON is an attempt to enter the automotive industry.

In December 2020, Jiangsu NIUTRON Energy Technology Co., Ltd. completed registration with a registered capital of USD 50 million; eight months later, the registered capital increased to USD 400 million.




Li Yinan


Li Yinan is an example of how early success is not always ideal for entrepreneurs.


In 1985, he was admitted to the junior class of the former Huazhong University of Technology (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology).

In 1992, the second year of graduate school, Li Yinan interned at Huawei.

In 1993, after graduation, he joined Huawei, and at the age of 27, he became the vice president of Huawei.

In 2000, Li Yinan took the equipment worth 10 million yuan from Huawei north to create Harbor Network, which became a rival of Huawei.

In June 2006, Huawei acquired Harbor Network, Li Yinan returned to Huawei as chief telecom scientist and vice president.

In December 2007, Huawei appointed Li Yinan as vice president of Huawei Terminal Company.

In October 2008, Baidu appointed Li Yinan as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

In January 2010, Baidu officially announced the departure of CTO Li Yinan to join China Mobile as CEO of 12580.

In July 2011, Li Yinan announced his resignation as CEO of Infinite Xunqi.

In August 2011, Yonan Li joined GSR Ventures as a partner with immediate effect.

In April 2015, Li Yinan announced his new venture project – electric bicycle.

In March 2018, Yonan Li, the founder and former CEO of NiuDian Technology, has joined Plum Angel Venture Capital and assumed the position of partner.

September 2021, entered the electric vehicle industry





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