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BYD releases new variants of Han sedan

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(Credit: BYD)

Feb.24, China – BYD’s flagship sedan Han will be offering new variants of the Han DM as Han DM-i and Han DM-p. According to BYD on Weibo, those two models will soon be available for pre-order and will be revealing themselves to customers on Mar. 7. 

BYD Han currently includes EV and DM models, with the former being an all-electric model and the latter a plug-in hybrid.

BYD had also offered the Tang DM-p model previously, which has more power than the DM model, but none of the models shown on its official website currently have this variant.

According to the automotive website Xchuxing, the company will also announce Han EV performance versions and a limited-edition model with Han DM-i and Han DM-p on March 7 as well.

More details of DM-i and DM-p

(Photo credit: BYD)

DM-i’s design goal is to conserve fuel, while DM-p’s goal is to maximise its performance. Their structure, engine and other parts are chosen to achieve those goals. 

The Han DM-i is powered by a 145kW permanent magnet synchronous motor and a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 96kW.

The dual-motor version of the Han EV is equipped with a 180kW front motor and a 200kW rear motor.

The Han DM-i has a maximum range of 206km and the EV model has a maximum range of 715km, up from 605km in the current model.

DM-p’s further information has not been published yet. 

The models will use “run-through Chinese knot LED tail lights”. It also posted a teaser image showing some of the details of the Han DM-i’s rear end.

Current performance of BYD Han

In fact, the current BYD Han DM has a nice performance. The BYD Han family sold 12,780 units in January, the fifth consecutive month of sales exceeding 10,000.

From its launch in July 2020 to the end of January, the Han family has accumulated sales of 170,001 units. 

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