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NIO Collaborates With CNTIC To Promote Oversea NEV Development

Companies work together for NIO to adapt to oversea market quicker

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Mar.1, China – NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China National Technology Import and Export Group Co., LTD.(CNTIC), aiming at overseas NEV infrastructure construction, electric vehicle supporting services, and other fields of cooperation. 

Yanming Wang, General Manager and Party Secretary of CTNC, Wei Feng, CHIEF Financial Officer of NIO, and other officials have attended the signing ceremony.

The cooperation will be mainly in Europe and gradually extended to other regions.

(Photo credit: NIO)

CNTIC’s basic introduction 

CNTIC is a  wholly-owned subsidiary of China General Technology Group. Its main business focuses on:

  • distributed energy and international production capacity cooperation
  • covering import and export of major technical equipment and complete sets of equipment
  • domestic and foreign engineering contracting and project management 

Currently, CNTIC operates in more than 100 countries and regions.

CNTIC has advantages at:

  • import and export of complete sets of equipment
  • international transportation
  • international engineering services to provide solutions for the export

It will utilise these advantages to exchange installation, commissioning, delivery and investment, and construction of NIO’s electrical changing station resources.

NIO’s current plan

In 2021, NiO has started delivery in the Norwegian market.

Its first experience store is located in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Since opening, this store has gained an endless stream of customers coming every weekend.

From this year, NIO’s products and system-wide services will enter Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. 

Bin Li, automobile founder, has suggested that Norway’s market performance completely surprised them. Among all the NIO customers that visited the experiment shop, over one-third of them would choose to buy an NIO car.

Apparently, NIO ES8 has become one of the most popular car types in the Norway market. Its 75kwh model starts at 462,800 yuan and comes with NiO’s new electric-switching program.

Its cooperation with CTNC can accelerate the landing of NIO energy service systems in overseas markets and provide more convenient services such as overseas electricity charging and changing business.


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