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NIO ET5 Europe Release Time Officially Announced By CEO Li Bin

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一張含有 路面, 汽車, 路緣 的圖片

(Credit: NIO)

Following NIO ET7, which is confirmed to be officially delivered in March, NIO ET5 is also a Sedan series and is regarded as one of Tesla Model 3’s strong competitors. NIO ET5 was officially announced that it will be released in many countries, including Norway in the spring of 2023 earlier.

The news was released by NIO’s team in Norway. General manager Marius Hayler and NIO CEO Li Bin had a question-and-answer session over the weekend. Li Bin first mentioned that NIO will officially enter many European countries this year, including Germany, Netherland, Sweden and Denmark. Then he mentioned that the ET7, which is expected to be delivered in March in China, will land in Norway in the fourth quarter of this year. At the same time, he said that the NIO ET5 will be the first to be delivered in China in September this year, and the global release will be officially launched in 2023 at the earliest.

In addition, the NIO team also mentioned that they are currently seeking cooperation with multiple map software suppliers, among which Google is a potential partner. NIO hopes to install a map system that conforms to local usage habits into the navigation system to increase the accuracy of navigation. However, this plan will take some time.

一張含有 個人, 男人, 直立的 的圖片

(Credit: NIO)

NIO ET5, as NIO’s fifth new energy vehicle and the second Sedan model, is regarded as the same class as Tesla Model 3. Positioned as a mid-sized sedan, the ET5 measures 4,790mm long, 1,960mm wide, 1,499mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 2,888mm. The interior design reflects NIO’s concept of the second living room. Three battery sizes are available, with a range of more than 550 km, 700 km and even more than 1000 km, which could make the ET5 one of the longest-range mainstream EVs on sale globally. Facing the electric vehicle market with a hundred schools of thought contending, Li Bin said that the NIO ET5 is the most pre-ordered model in history. Certainly, the NIO ET5 will be one of the most noteworthy EVs this year.

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