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NIO responds to a rumour that it will sell cars in the US

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China, Jan.18 – In response to a rumour that the company is expanding its office space and possibly selling cars in the US, NIO said the move was a normal relocation of its U.S. office to a more spacious office building with more common areas for employees.

Some Context:The rumour started when NIO’s U.S. subsidiary recently signed a 10-year lease for an office building in San Jose, California, doubling the space at its current headquarters to nearly 18,580 square metres, the action that is believed to be a plan to start selling its electric cars in North America.

NIO’s Overseas Expansion Plan

Stage I – On May 6, 2021, NIO announced its Norwegian strategy, taking its first step into the Norwegian market.

In September 2021, the ES8 was delivered as the first model in Norway, and the ET7 will enter the Norwegian market in 2022. The founder of NIO, Li Bin, said, “NIO ES6 and EC6 will also enter the Norwegian market”. At the same time, NIO’s first service and delivery centre in Norway will open in Oslo.

The charging and swapping system that NIO has been deploying will continue in Norway. In 2021, the European version of the charging map and the first batch of 4 second-generation power stations will be put into operation. In 2022, NIO will build swap stations in five Norwegian cities.

Stage II – NIO also plans to bring NIO’s products and full system services to five European countries including Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands in 2022.

Stage III – NIO plans to expand its overseas operations to 25 different countries and regions by 2025.

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Reviewing 2021, looking forward to 2022

NIO delivered 91,429 units in 2021, an increase of 109.1% year-on-year. Cumulative deliveries of ES8, ES6 and EC6 reached 167,070 units as of December 31, 2021.

New Models in 2022 – In 2022, NIO will deliver three new models – ET5 (against Tesla Model 3 and XPeng P7, priced at CNY 328,000-386,000), ET7 (against Tesla Model S, priced at CNY 44.80-5260,000), ES7(New NIO SUV, to be unveiled at Beijing Auto Show). 

Production Bases in 2022   The second production base of NIO in NeoPark Xinqiao Smart Electric Vehicle Industrial Park will be put into operation in the third quarter of 2022, which will be a world-class smart electric vehicle industrial cluster, carrying out innovative R&D of complete vehicles, core components and autonomous driving, combining a globally competitive and leading innovation chain; attracting hundreds of key supporting enterprises, forming a complete and highly aggregated industrial chain .

Exchange Stations in 2022 – From 2022-2025, NIO will add 600 new exchange stations per year in China; by the end of 2025, the total number of exchange stations worldwide will exceed 4,000.

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