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NIO swap stations in China achieved a massive milestone bringing total to 800+

by SEP Editor
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With the unstoppable tide of automotive electrification, battery swapping is considered to be a significant energy supply method for electric vehicles (EVs).

NIO’s (NYSE: NIO) 800th swap station went online on January 21 at IKEA Hangzhou. With 100 new stations added in the past 43 days and an average of 2 stations coming online every day, it must be said that NIO’s construction speed is amazing.

According to NIO, the achievement of 800 exchange stations is not only a milestone, but also a new starting point on the road ahead in 2022.

Of these battery swap stations, 212 are located along highways, exceeding NIO’s goal announced last September of increasing the number to 169 by the Chinese New Year holiday.

Up to now, NIO has built 805+ power swap stations in China while the company aims to build 4,000 by the end of 2025, of which 1,000 will be located overseas.

The regional density of NIO’s battery swap stations is recording continuous growth as well.

Under the “NIO Power 2025” plan, the company expects 90% NIO users to be living less than 3 km away from its battery swap facilities in 2025.

Next week is the Chinese New Year holiday in China, and the peak of travel for the population begins to arrive this week. The picture below is a NIO vehicle blocked by cars queuing for refueling after changing the battery. 

( Last April,NIO announced a strategic partnership with Chinese state-owned oil producer Sinopec to co-build EV charging and battery swapping infrastructures .)

Our take:2022, NIO will continue to layout and complete the construction of 1,300+ exchange stations to achieve the vision that adding electricity is more convenient than refueling.

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