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NIO’s Next Stop In Europe: Denmark

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(Credit: NIO Twitter)

According to the CEO of DBI, NIO joined the Danish Car Importers Association(DBI), symbolizing the entry of NIO into Denmark this year.

The CEO of DBI welcomed NIO joining DBI on Twitter days before.

“The Danish Car Importers Association is an interest and industry association for 22 car importers in Denmark. The principal task of the Danish Car Importers Association is to handle and secure our members interests.”according to DBI’s linkedin.

According to a statement released by DBI in Denmark earlier this month, orders for NIO cars began to be taken in Norway last October and will also begin in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands in 2022.

With the first battery swap station in Norway began operation last month, the first battery swap station is being prepared in Denmark.

Future Outlook of the Company

“In addition to car production, NIO will launch Power Swap stations that make it possible to change the battery as a supplement to charging. This will be launched in Denmark later this year.” The statement also shows that.

At the NIO Day 2021 event on 18 December last year, NIO founder, chairman and CEO William Li began by introducing the company’s global expansion plans, saying that NIO would be in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark by 2022.

“NIO aims to serve users in more than 25 countries and regions worldwide by 2025” Li said at the same time.

According to German media outlet Vogel earlier this month, there will be a new managing director arriving at NIO in March, Ralph Kranz, Volvo’s director of commercial operations in Germany.

Although the supply of chips still falls short of demand, this is a global impact and NIO has to be mindful of the need to maintain a steady supply in the face of rapid growth.

So far, NIO’s plans for Europe are on the right track, with a strong start in Norway and a stopover in Denmark, and over time NIO will slowly spread across Europe, creating a new landscape for NEVs in Europe.

Now NIO just needs to follow the plan and there is no need to rush the expansion, and its global expansion will have a bright future.

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