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NIO’s Second Hand Car Experience Store to Open on February 26 

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(Photo Credit: NIO)

The NIO second-hand car experience store will be opened in Guangzhou on Feb 26. According to the information released by NIO, the used car experience store also includes a display area, lounge, souvenirs area and so on.  The store is adjacent to NIO’s Hanxi Changlong Cow House, which just opened a few days ago.

NIO community keeps expanding

What makes NIO different from other car brands is its thriving NIO community. NIO has been holding a number of CEO-customer meetings through close contact with customers, etc.

NIO has been expanding its NIO community to become a national community so that every NIO user can be taken care of, but this expansion is not just about expanding the community, there is another meaning.

Promoting the value of its used cars through the NIO community

The above graph shows that the hedging rate of NIO models is not high, and the NIO ES6 is only 74.98%, which is lower than the mainstream EV manufacturers such as BYD, Xpeng and Tesla.

For NIO, the NIO community is a very effective publicity channel, because most of the people tied to the community are mostly loyal customers, and NIO will be more efficient in promoting through the NIO community.

NIO knows that the value retention rate of its models is not high, so it launched a second-used car experience store to let owners forget about the above-mentioned statistic and experience it by themselves.

(Photo Credit: NIO)

NIO’s marketing leading the EV manufacturing industry

NIO clearly understands that a successful business is not only about good enough products, but also about marketing skills, and in the immense Chinese market, it is extremely important to attract a large number of eyeballs in a short period of time.

At this moment, successful marketing is very important, but marketing skill also needs to be used appropriately, otherwise it will be botched and cause the opposite effect.

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