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Niutron’s first EV officially unveiled

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(Credit: Niutron)

Established in October 2020, Niutron officially announces its first pure electric SUV, Niutron NV in less than two years.

Niutron was founded by Yan Li, a well-known Chinese entrepreneur. The current team size of Niutron has grown to nearly 1,000 people, and it has acquired the Changzhou factory of Volkswagen, with a designed production capacity of 180,000 units per year, which was officially put into use in March this year. According to Li, his goal is to put Niutron on the same level as other Chinese EV startups, like the NIO, which pursues Hong Kong and Singapore secondary listings and the XPeng which recently revealed a new supercharge system earlier. 

一張含有 汽車, 開車, 車輛 的圖片

(Credit: Niutron)

In fact, the project of Niutron NV started at the end of 2018, even before the company was established. The product has undergone three rounds of engineering trial production, and the R&D test mileage has exceeded one million kilometres. Niutron NV is positioned as a high-end medium and large 5-seat SUV with a length of 4915/1962/1745 mm and a wheelbase of 2910mm. For comparison, the length and wheelbase are slightly smaller than the Li Auto ONE.

In terms of exterior design, the Niutron NV is unique from other electric vehicles, including many highly recognizable elements, including the front orbit light, the energy stack on the C-pillar, and the one-piece crater spoiler tail light. The overall appearance of the Niutron NV emphasizes its urban exploration style with a wide-body body and a sharp silhouette. Besides, Niutron mentioned that it will provide at least 5 exterior colors, which are white, gray, black, red and green. It is also worth noting that the Niutron NV luggage is 788L in the standard state. If the back seats are folded down, the rear space can be increased to an astonishing 1730L, which can be used as a bed when travelling.

一張含有 汽車, 室外, 停車, 運輸 的圖片

(Credit: Niutron)

Niutron NV also specifically mentioned the interaction with mobile phones and smartwatches. With the help of wearable devices such as Apple Watch, users can unlock the vehicle contactlessly. Furthermore, after entering the car, the mobile phone can be automatically charged in the 15W wireless charging storage pool under the console. At the same time, the phone will automatically connect to the CarPlay system in the car. The CarPlay display area and the vehicle control area separate the 15.6-inch central floating screen 73, emphasizing the application display.

一張含有 汽車, 汽車座椅, 裝置, 控制台 的圖片

(Credit: Niutron)

The Autohome NV is built on the basis of the GEMINI power module, which is fully compatible with the pure electric system and the range extension system. The four-wheel drive has an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds.

Niutron NV is expected to be officially delivered in September this year. The price has not been disclosed. Stay tuned for further information.

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