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Pioneering mobility. Exploring technology. XPENG 1024 TECH DAY

by Sep Editor

Today, XPeng Auto’s Technology Day is themed “Smart First, Explore Boundless(Chinese Version)”, which probably means that the focus of the day will be on its new smart products.

In the past few years, XPeng Auto has taken smart cars as the starting point to explore new ways to travel. At present, XPeng Auto has launched new vehicles, including flying cars and robot horses. Among them, its flying car has been updated to the fifth generation and is exploring towards the goal of highly integrating aircraft and cars.
The types of products that have been announced by XPeng Auto include smart cars, flying cars, and robot horses, and the diverse products make its user base cover adults and children.

It seems to have become a popular trend for car companies to set up their own festivals. For example, Volkswagen’s “Power Day” and Azera’s “NIO Day”.
The company has told the outside world that it chose to hold a technology day on “Chinese Programmer’s Day” because it believes that its own corporate attributes and programmers generally value intelligence and technology. 1024 represents not only the programmer’s day, but also the multiple meanings of Peng’s insistence on intelligence and localization.

In today’s conference, XPeng announced a lot of highlights, including:

Super Charge: 480kW/800V charging 5 min equivalent to 200 km w/storage.
Smart driving: city NGP to full scenario NGP.
Robot/flying car: HT Aero and robotic unicorn.
Xpilot: With Xpilot 3.5 arriving sooon with the Xpeng P5


to be continued.

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