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Pocco brand new Cool DuoDuo Pro officially revealed

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(Credit: dongchedi)

Similar to Wuling, which previously launched a new convertible version of its MINIEV, Pocco focuses on the production of small electric vehicles. Earlier, Pocco officially announced that it will bring a new model with a cruising range of 175 kilometres. This may reverse the previous image that Pocco-produced vehicles is only suited in the city.

In addition to the top ten Chinese automakers, Pocco is a new brand for city EVs under the Yogomo Group. Yogomo began as a maker of Low Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEVs), but has now expanded its range to include EV passenger car brands. Pocco debuted the two-seater MeiMei in June 2021, followed by the four-seater DuoDuo in August. The new model is named Cool DuoDuo Pro. Cool DuoDuo Pro’s size is 3310/1500/1588mm, and the wheelbase is 2275mm. Cool DuoDuo Pro has adopted a relatively cute design for the exterior, providing two body colours. There are black trim strips between the headlight on the front face, forming a good visual extension effect. At the same time, the closed front grille design also has a high market recognition. In addition, the vehicle adopts a rather youthful style design on the side skirts, creating a more intense fashion atmosphere.

一張含有 汽車, 室外, 停車, 座位 的圖片

(Credit: dongchedi)

In terms of interiors, Cool DuoDuo Pro focuses on a simple layout. The four doors and the central control are covered with leather. The contrasting red and black colours highlight a strong sporty style. At the same time, grey/black, orange and other applications can also meet the needs of different consumers. In the configuration part, Cool DuoDuo Pro is equipped with a 7-inch built-in central control screen and a 5-inch LCD instrument as standard. 

For the power, Cool DuoDuo Pro is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 29 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 110 Nm. Matching lithium iron phosphate batteries, and provides three rated capacity batteries of 10.36KWh and 15.1/15.5KWh, the cruising range corresponds to 128Km and 175Km, respectively.

Cool DuoDuo Pro is expected to be available in April. The price start from 41800 RMB. Stay tuned for more information.

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