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See how we compare BYD and Tesla

by SEP Editor
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BYD is currently the only car manufacturer in the world that can produce complete new energy vehicles, power batteries and automotive grade chips at the same time, while Tesla represents the highest level of new energy vehicles in the world. This time, we will compare three aspects: brand value, battery, and assisted driving.

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1. Brand value

Tesla, since Elon Musk took over, has gradually given the brand the value of being young, technological, stylish, and daring to innovate with great individuality.

BYD has been criticized for producing too many low-end models before and really not coming up with models that make a difference, even with the company’s logo. In the eyes of consumers, BYD’s cars are almost synonymous with low-end.

However, as BYD continues to make breakthroughs in research and development, quality standards continue to improve, and its brand value is recognized by more and more people. As you can see, BYD is a company recognized by Warren Buffett, and it is the only Chinese company he invests in.

So, in terms of brand value, BYD is currently behind Tesla, but BYD definitely will narrow the gap in this area in the future.

2. Performance of the battery

Tesla has some models using lithium iron phosphate batteries, some models using ternary lithium batteries, while BYD, after the introduction of the blade battery, in subsequent models will be used in large numbers of blade batteries.

Blade battery’s vital advantage is that after 300 times of needling, no open flame, no smoke, the surface temperature is only 30-60 ℃.

Ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery after needling, no open flame, smoke, surface temperature of 200 ℃ -400 ℃. Tributary lithium battery after needling, violent combustion, surface temperature of more than 500 ℃.

Therefore, the battery used by BYD is safer than Tesla’s. In the absence of significant differences in other aspects of the battery, a safer battery is undoubtedly better. Therefore, in terms of battery performance, BYD wins.

3. Assisted Driving

The Tesla model 3 is also a smart car with all sorts of little features.

First of all, just approach the car and it automatically unlocks. And leaving a certain distance will automatically lock and power off.

And just by controlling it on your phone, the Tesla will automatically drive to the owner.

Systems such as air conditioning, trunk, windshield, windshield wipers and air conditioning controls. All can be operated through the center screen, and BYD also has similar features.

Of course, with the current level of technology, the car’s autopilot is still not trustworthy enough. However, on the highway, Tesla’s AP assisted driving is very advanced. and of course BYD also has its advantages.

In terms of assisted driving, it is a bit behind compared to Tesla.On relatively straight roads using full speed adaptive cruise is no problem, but when it comes to larger curves and undulating roads, it requires manual intervention. Thus, it can be considered that the technology in terms of autonomous driving, less than Tesla.


Tesla’s main advantage lies in the electronic control management technology, driverless technology. In addition, Tesla has a great advantage in brand power and product power, high brand premium.

BYD’s main advantage is the motor, electronic control, and battery, the three major components are independent technology, including the power battery range, safety performance, and cost-effective advantage is more obvious.

Whether it is BYD or Tesla, consumers go with whichever they prefer.

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